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ZOOM video conferencing service is a platform for teams to have a good video conferencing session in small, medium and large teams. It is free and also paid pro plans are available for business and academic sessions.it was founded in 2011, when the video conferencing trend has begun. Commonly people use this app for business and academics sessions. But we can also use this app for personal family and friends chats too.ZOOM app is available for android, IOS, windows, etc..


a) If you use Zoom for free, you can have one-on-one calls that last as long as you like. For calls with three or more people, you're limited to 40 minutes.

b) While demand for Zoom is exceptionally high due to coronavirus, the option to dial-in by phone audio may be temporarily removed from free Basic accounts. You can still use computer audio to join. If you need to support dial-in by phone for your attendees, you may have to upgrade to a paid option.

c) There is a feature in Zoom—and it's common in all kinds of video conferencing software—that allows the host to see when an attendee navigates away from the Zoom window. In other words, if you're on a call with your boss and toggle over to another app or tab, your boss can see that you're not paying attention. A reasonable boss might assume that you're looking up important related information or taking notes in another app. In any event, now that you know this feature exists, you can preemptively say, "Let me look that up and take some notes."

d) Default start times for meetings are usually on the hour or half-hour, making traffic to video conferencing sites spike then. Starting a call at another time, like 10 after the hour, may help if you have any trouble getting your calls up and running.

e) Two features that people love in Zoom, especially when working from home, are a face filter called "Touch Up My Appearance" that smooths skin tones and virtual backgrounds that let you hide your actual background with an image or video. To learn how to use these features and others, see our list of 10 Zoom tips.


If you're invited to a meeting in a Zoom Meeting, you don't need to create an account. However, you will see a prompt to download the Zoom Meeting application. Downloading the app is optional as you can connect via a web app if you prefer, but the installed app does give you the optimized experience. Zoom Meeting has apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS.You and the participants always have the option to use the audio from your computer or mobile device for the call or dial in by using a standard rate or toll-free number where supported. There is not a toll-free number for the US or the UK, although there are toll-free numbers for dozens of other countries. Depending on your settings, participants may be able to join the audio portion of the call via Microsoft Skype for Business. It's also possible to set up a third-party audio system of your choosing and include instructions for dialing in the meeting invitation.


To set up or start a meeting using Zoom Meeting, you have many options. As mentioned earlier, you can snag your Personal Meeting ID or unique link and send it to participants. They either click the link, or launch Zoom Meeting and enter the Personal Meeting ID, and you're off to the races.

Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting in advance from the Zoom Meeting app, which you can connect to your calendar so that all of your appointments end up on Google Calendar, iCal, or Microsoft Outlook. Choose a date, start time, end time, and time zone, then select a few other preferences, such as whether you'd like your video stream to activate automatically when you begin the call. If you give your participants the option to join by phone, you can choose which country dial-in numbers to display. A link to all the dial-in options appears on the invitation, too.

You can also password-protect the meeting during this configuration step. With a Pro account, you can also require that attendees register; that is, fill out a short survey before they join so that you can collect information about them. It's a great option when you use Zoom Meeting for webinars. Zoom Meeting lets you enable a waiting room if you need one as well, which is a way to let participants join a meeting when they're ready, but only show an information screen if the host hasn't officially started yet. I wish an agenda field were included when creating the invitation, but it isn't. You have to send your agenda to participants separately.

When you use the Schedule function in the Zoom Meeting app to arrange a call, the invited participants receive a calendar invite that includes the relevant information.


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